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Proceedings Name:The economic impact of COVID-19 in Western Australia
Commencement Date:17 Jun 2020
Proceedings Status:Current
Committee Name:Economics and Industry Standing Committee
House:Legislative Assembly
Media Statements:No Media Statements released
17 Jun 202010:00 AMMeeting Room 2BankWestAlan Langford, Chief Economist; Rob Cory, Head of External CommunicationsYes
12 Aug 202010:00 AMMeeting Room 2University of MelbourneProfessor Ross Garnaut, Professorial Research Fellow in Economics
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• Evidence by Mr Alan Langford (Chief Economist, Bankwest), Mr Robert Cory (Head of External Communications, Bankwest) on 17/06/2020
• Evidence by Professor Ross GARNAUT (Professor of Economics, University of Melbourne) on 12/08/2020
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