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Liquor Control Amendment Regulations (No. 10) 2011

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:06 Jan 2012
Date Ended:16 Aug 2012
Committee:Delegated Legislation Committee (2001 - 2017)
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52 Liquor Control Amendment Regulations (No. 10) 201116 Aug 2012More...

Members conducting inquiry

Members:Mr Joseph (Joe) Michael Francis MLA
Hon. Dr Sally Elizabeth Talbot MLC
Ms Janine Marie Freeman MLA
Mr Paul Terrance Miles MLA
Mr Andrew John Waddell MLA
Hon. Alyssa Kathleen Hayden MLC
Hon. James (Jim) Edward Chown MLC
Hon. Helen Hong Hui Bullock MLC
Staff Members:Ms Talweez Senghera (Committee Clerk)
Ms Irina Lobeto-Ortega, LLB, BA (Advisory Officer (Legal))
Ms Felicity Mackie, LLB (Advisory Officer (Legal))
Ms Anne Turner, B.Juris LLB (Advisory Officer (Legal))
Ms Suzanne Veletta, LLB (Advisory Officer)