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Annual Report 2010

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:02 Dec 2009
Tabling date:24 Feb 2011
Date Ended:24 Feb 2011
Committee:Delegated Legislation Committee (2001 - 2017)
Important Information:
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44 Annual Report 201024 Feb 2011
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• Annual Report 2010

Members conducting inquiry

Members:Hon. Joseph (Joe) Michael Francis MLA
Hon. Robin Howard Chapple MLC
Ms Janine Marie Freeman MLA
Mr Paul Terrance Miles MLA
Mr Andrew John Waddell MLA
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Hon. James (Jim) Edward Chown MLC
Hon. Helen Hong Hui Bullock MLC
Staff Members:Ms Linda Omar (Committee Clerk)
Ms Denise Wong, LLB, BSc (Env Sc) (Advisory Officer (Legal))
Ms Irina Lobeto-Ortega, LLB, BA, GradDipLP (Advisory Officer (Legal))
Ms Felicity Mackie, LLB (Advisory Officer (Legal))