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Inquiry into Mining on Pinjin Station

Inquiry status:Current
Date commenced:22 Aug 2018
Tabling date:11 Jun 2020
Committee:Select Committee into Mining on Pinjin Station
House:Legislative Council
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:On Wednesday, 22 August 2018 the Legislative Council ordered that:

(1) A Select Committee into Mining on Pinjin Station be established.
(2) The Select Committee is to inquire into mining operations on Pinjin Station, with particular reference to the following —

    (a) the mining operations by Hawthorn Resources Limited, ABN 44 009 157 439;
    (b) the role of government agencies and Ministers in the approval and regulation of mining operations;
    (c) all allegations, including those of intimidation, abuse and racial discrimination, set out in the documentation tabled in the Legislative Council on 26 June 2018 (Tabled Paper 1489) and other allegations dating back to 2012;
    (d) actions of all parties relevant to mining operations, including but not limited to mine operators, pastoral leaseholders, government agencies and their employees and agents;
    (e) responses by Ministers and government agencies to complaints;
    (f) the actions of any other persons or bodies associated with mining operations;
    (g) reasons why the Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety formerly the Department of Mines and Petroleum and successive Ministers have not approved the incorporation of the Common Reserve 10041 into the Pinjin Station Pastoral Lease; and
    (h) any other related matter.
(3) The Select Committee is to report no later than six months after the Committee has been established.
(4) The Select Committee shall consist of five members; Hon Robin Scott (Chair); Hon Robin Chapple; Hon Jacqui Boydell, Hon Kyle McGinn and Hon Michael Mischin (Deputy Chair).

On 7 May 2019 the Legislative Council granted an extension of time to report until 26 November 2019.

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Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Council Committee Rooms Ground Floor, 18-32 Parliament Place, West Perth

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