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Inquiry into public sector contract management practices

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:29 Nov 2018
Tabling date:28 Nov 2019
Deadline for submissions:08 Feb 2019
Date Ended:28 Nov 2019
Committee:Public Accounts Committee
House:Legislative Assembly
Media Statements:No Media Statements released
Important Information:20181129 - Background to Inquiry - CMP.PDF20181129 - Background to Inquiry - CMP.PDF
Terms of Reference:The Public Accounts Committee will inquire into and report on public sector contract management practices, with a focus on:

a) the policy frameworks that currently govern public sector contract management in WA;

b) the extent to which compliance with these frameworks is monitored and reported;

c) the effectiveness of these frameworks in fostering robust contract management practices and capacity within agencies;

d) the processes by which contract management expertise and good practice within individual agencies is identified, developed, and shared across the WA public sector;

e) the processes and instruments available to ensure agencies can effectively allocate and manage commercial and performance risks on major contracts; and

f) ways to improve or enhance contract management performance across the sector.

Related Documents/Response to Questions on Notice:
Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Assembly Committee Rooms, Level 1/11 Harvest Tce, West Perth

20 Mar 201909:30 AMMeeting Room 2Department of FinanceYes
03 Apr 201910:15 AMMeeting Room 2State SolicitorYes
08 Apr 201909:15 AMMeeting Room 2Department of the Premier and CabinetYes
08 Apr 201910:00 AMMeeting Room 2Department of TreasuryYes
08 Apr 201911:00 AMMeeting Room 2Department of EducationYes
08 Apr 201912:00 PMMeeting Room 2Department of CommunitiesYes
10 Apr 201910:30 AMMeeting Room 1Main Roads WA; Public Transport Authority
19 Jun 201910:30 AMMeeting Room 1Office of the Auditor General
26 Jun 201909:15 AMMeeting Room 1Consult Australia
26 Jun 201910:30 AMMeeting Room 1CFMEU
14 Aug 201910:30 AMMeeting Room 1Department of Health
Videos: Department of Finance pt.1
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 State Solicitor
 Department of the Premier and Cabinet
 Department of Treasury
 Department of Education
 Department of Communities
Related Transcripts of Evidence:
Evidence by.. Miss Jodi CANT (Director General, Department of Finance), Miss Kathryn INGHAM (Director, Strategic Advisory Services, Department of Finance), Mr Anthony HALBERG (Director, Policy and Procurement Services, Department of Finance), Mrs Stephanie BLACK (Executive Director, Government Procurement, Department of Finance) and Mr Philip HELBERG (Acting Deputy Director General, Building Management and Works, Department of Finance) on 20 Mar 2019
Evidence by.. Mr Nicholas EGAN (State Solicitor's Office) on 3 Apr 2019
Evidence by.. Mr John FISCHER (Executive Director, Infrastructure, Department of Education), Mr Jay PECKITT (Executive Director, Finance and Commercial Services, Department of Education), Ms Corinne ROBERTS (Specialist Adviser, Commercial Services, Department of Education) on 8 Apr 2019
Evidence by.. Ms Michelle ANDREWS (Director General, Department of Communities), Mr Gregory CASH (Assistant Director General, Commercial Operations, Department of Communities), Mr Brad JOLLY (A/Assistant Director General, Commissioning and Sector Engagement, Department of
Communities), Ms Penny KENNEDY (A/Director, Stewardship, Department of Communities), Mr Robert RYE (Strategic Procurement Manager, Department of Communities), Mr Garry YOUNG (Manager, Remote Essential and Municipal Services Program, Department of Communities) on 8 Apr 2019
Evidence by.. Mr Darren FOSTER (Director General, Department of the Premier and Cabinet), Mr Greg ITALIANO (Chief Information Officer, Department of the Premier and Cabinet), Ms Emily ROPER (A/Deputy Director General, Policy and Reform, Department of the Premier and Cabinet) on 8 Apr 2019
Evidence by.. Mr Michael COURT (Deputy Under Treasurer, Department of Treasury), Mr Neil HUNTER (A/Director, Infrastructure and Public Sector Reform, Department of Treasury), Mr Anthony SMITH, Manager, Financial Policy and Oversight, Department of Treasury), Mrs Chelsea LIM (Project Director, Government Trading Enterprise Reform, Department of Treasury) on 8 Apr 2019
Evidence by.. Mr RICHARD SELLERS (Director General, Department of Transport), Mr ROSS HAMILTON (Executive Director, Major Projects Unit, Public Transport Authority), Mr MARK BURGESS (Managing Director, Public Transport Authority), Mr PETER WORONZOW (Managing Director, Main Roads Western Australia), Mr JOHN CHUNG (Acting Chief Finance Officer, Public Transport Authority), Mr PHILIP D’SOUZA (Acting Executive Director, Finance and Commercial Services, Main Roads Western Australia) on 10 Apr 2019
Evidence by.. Ms CAROLINE SPENCER (Auditor General, Office of the Auditor General), Ms SANDRA LABUSCHAGNE (Deputy Auditor General, Office of the Auditor General) on 19 Jun 2019
Evidence by.. Mr SHELDON KRAHE (Chair, WA Executive Committee, Consult Australia), Mr STEVEN COGHLAN (State Manager, Western Australia, Consult Australia) on 26 Jun 2019
Evidence by.. Mr MICHAEL BUCHAN (State Secretary, Construction and General Division, CFMEU) on 26 Jun 2019
Evidence by.. Dr DAVID RUSSELL-WEISZ (Director General, Department of Health), Mr MARK THOMPSON (Chief Procurement Officer, Health Support Services, Department of Health), Mrs AMANDA JALLEH (Executive Director, Resourcing and Purchasing, Department of Health), Mr JEFFREY MOFFET (Chief Executive, WA Country Health Service), Mr PAUL FORDEN (Chief Executive, South Metropolitan Health Service) on 14 Aug 2019
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