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  • The Legislative Assembly meets on 15/02/2022 (02:00 PM)
    Assembly sit 15/02/2022
  • The Legislative Council meets on 15/02/2022 (02:00 PM)
    Council sit 15/02/2022

Annual Reports


Annual Reports tabled in the Parliament of Western Australia.

If an electronic copy of the report has been supplied by the reporting agency, this may be viewed (in PDF format) by clicking on titles underlined below.

Date tabled Report name House
25 Nov 2021Australian Health Practitioner Regulation AgencyLegislative Assembly
25 Nov 2021Chief Advocate for Residents of Declared Places under the Declared Place (Mentally Impaired Accused) Act 2015Legislative Assembly
25 Nov 2021National Health Practitioner OmbudsmanLegislative Assembly
25 Nov 2021WA Industry LinkLegislative Assembly
24 Nov 2021Gaming and Wagering Commission of Western AustraliaLegislative Assembly
24 Nov 2021Local Government Grants CommissionLegislative Assembly
24 Nov 2021Racing Penalties Appeal TribunalLegislative Assembly
23 Nov 2021Financial Management Act 2006Legislative Assembly
23 Nov 2021State Coroner of Western Australia, Office ofLegislative Assembly
18 Nov 2021Construction Training FundLegislative Assembly
18 Nov 2021Fire and Emergency Services, Department ofLegislative Assembly
18 Nov 2021Housing AuthorityLegislative Assembly
16 Nov 2021Administrator National Health Funding PoolLegislative Assembly
16 Nov 2021National Health Funding BodyLegislative Assembly
11 Nov 2021School Curriculum and Standards AuthorityLegislative Assembly
11 Nov 2021Waste AuthorityLegislative Assembly
10 Nov 2021Criminal Injuries Compensation, Office ofLegislative Assembly
10 Nov 2021Criminal Investigation (Covert Powers) Act 2012Legislative Assembly
10 Nov 2021Department of Fire and Emergency Services — Annual Report (2020-21)Legislative Council
10 Nov 2021Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries, Department ofLegislative Assembly
10 Nov 2021State Administrative TribunalLegislative Assembly
9 Nov 2021Criminal Investigation (Covert Powers) Act 2012Legislative Assembly
9 Nov 2021Inspector of Custodial Services, Office of theLegislative Assembly
9 Nov 2021Primary Industries and Regional Development, Department ofLegislative Assembly
28 Oct 2021Commission for Occupational Safety and HealthLegislative Assembly
28 Oct 2021Western Australian Greyhound Racing AssociationLegislative Assembly
27 Oct 2021Corruption and Crime CommissionLegislative Assembly
27 Oct 2021Racing and Wagering Western AustraliaLegislative Assembly
26 Oct 2021Financial Management Act 2006Legislative Assembly
26 Oct 2021Housing Authority — Annual Reports (2020-21) (No. 2)Legislative Council