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Baton of Life Message Stick on display

13 November 2020
Josie Farrer, President Kate Doust, Speaker Peter Watson with the message stick display

The Baton of Life message stick tabled in Parliament by Member for Kimberley, Josie Farrer, has gone on display in the Aboriginal People’s Gallery.

Josie initially presented the message stick to Parliament in 2013 on behalf of the Beagle Bay community to raise awareness of the loss of family members to suicide. In 2016 Josie successfully called for a parliamentary inquiry into Aboriginal youth suicide in remote areas, and the report ‘Learnings from the Message Stick’ and the Baton of Life were tabled in November that year.

In launching the message stick display, Josie reflected on the importance of the message stick and the work of the Beagle Bay community in getting their voice heard in Parliament.

Members of the public can see the message stick on our public tours.

Learn about the story of the message stick.