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Legislative Assembly Budget Estimates

16 October 2020 - Legislative Assembly
Copies of the budget paper in a stack

The Assembly is holding budget estimates hearings from 20 to 22 October.

The Legislative Assembly commences its annual scrutiny of the State Budget Papers on Tuesday, 20 October. This is the opportunity for members to examine the budget in detail and ask questions directly of ministers and government departments.

This year the Estimates will be held at two locations: Estimates Committee A will be held in the Legislative Assembly chamber at Parliament House, and Estimates Committee B will be held in the Legislative Assembly Committee Office at Level 1, 11 Harvest Terrace West Perth.

The public galleries are still closed to visitors, but both committees can be watched live at Watch Live.

To see the Estimates Schedule, read the transcripts of debates and watch the videos, visit Legislative Assembly Estimates 20-21.