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New website for Parliament House

27 April 2019 - Parliament

In 2017, we surveyed visitors to our website to determine how we could improve the way we provide information and engage online with our community in the work of Parliament.

Respondents to the survey gave feedback that they wanted a more modern website with easier to locate information; timely updates of information; the mystery taken out of Parliament; and an improved search capability.

In redesigning the Parliament’s website, and in its continuing evolution, Parliament has committed to making the site:

- simple and inclusive

- clear in its explanations

- open and transparent

- collaborative in its engagement with the community

- adopt plain English and simple, relatable graphics and images in its content

Information on the new website has been grouped to assist in locating information, reducing duplication and increasing community understanding of, and opportunities for participation with, Parliament. It is laid out under five key menu items:

- Parliamentary business – information about the business of the chambers and committees i.e. bills, Hansard, tabled papers, parliamentary questions, chamber documents etc

- Members – roles and contact details for the Presiding Officers, members of Parliament, ministers and shadow ministers and access to the seating plans for both houses

- About Parliament – explains the role of the chambers and the three parliamentary departments, as well as providing access to information on employment opportunities and working at the Parliament of Western Australia

- Get involved – information on how to get involved in the work of Parliament, from watching and reading parliamentary debates online, to contacting a member, lodging a petition, and making a submission to a parliamentary committee

- Visit and learn –information on tours, preparing for a visit to Parliament House, and learning about the powers of Parliament, the difference between Parliament and government and the history of the Parliament of Western Australia

Parliament has also delivered custom functions to better communicate near real-time information, including:

- a dynamic short-form calendar, newsfeed and social media feeds on the homepage to better convey the business of the houses and committees, tours and events

- an electronic sitting calendar with the capacity to filter information by the type of parliamentary business required

- a rotating ‘Watch Live’ widget in the header of each page, informing when the houses and committees are sitting and by which the relevant broadcast feed can be accessed

- a new ‘Watch and Listen’ page where you can follow the business of the houses and committees and access related documents and the broadcast archive

- improvements in the capacity to search information on databases primarily through improving sort functions and layout

To assist in using both the custom and search functions of the website, a ‘using this website’ information link has been included in the website footer.

With the goal of improving access to information by the broader community, where feasible, Parliament has worked towards achieving Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This is an ongoing project.

Parliament acknowledges that further work is required to improve the website’s search capability, and would appreciate feedback to assist this development work.

If you need assistance with locating data on the website or wish to provide feedback, please contact Reception Services on (08) 9222 7222.