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Edith Cowan: ‘no fit place for a woman’

Purple banner with image of Edith Cowan next to image of parliament house

Edith Cowan was the first woman to be elected in an Australian parliament, when she was elected to the WA Parliament in 1921.
Discover her fascinating story of resilience and courage against the odds.

Elected: 12 March 1921

Edith Cowan, the first woman elected to an Australian Parliament.
How to vote card with Edith Cowan's name and the number 1

Personal Life

Born in 1861, Edith’s childhood was marred by a double tragedy.
Edith Cowan leaning on a window sill facing the right

Parliamentary Career

Edith’s one term that improved women’s and children’s lives.
Edith Cowan Parliamentary Portrait

Death and Honour

Following Edith’s death in 1932, she has been honoured in many ways.
Edith Cowan Memorial Clock near Kings Park

Parliamentary Debates

Read exactly what Edith said on the floor of the chamber.
Hansard record of Edith Cowan first speech

What was on?

What’s happening to commemorate Edith’s election and life?
EDC100RibbonCutting/Edith Cowan Perth Mint.jpg

Community Service

Edith’s extraordinary service to the Western Australian community.
King Edward Memorial Hospital


Resources on Edith’s life including Education’s school workbooks.
Edith Cowan Centenary Logo