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Promote your cause

Located on the rise to Mount Eliza (Kings Park), Parliament is clearly visible to the Perth CBD and the Mitchell Freeway. 

Parliament House and the Presiding Officers are actively committed to engaging with the community on issues of public interest.

One way Parliament does this is by providing community groups with the opportunity to request, through the Presiding Officers, the lighting of Parliament to promote a community initiative.

On approval, Parliament will light the 1960s eastern façade facing Perth city. The public will be advised of the lighting of Parliament and the cause it promotes via the Parliament’s website.

Eligibility criteria

An application for the lighting of Parliament is subject to the following eligibility criteria:

  • the cause has significant community interest or benefit
  • the cause is apolitical in nature
  • advertising regarding the lighting of Parliament in relation to the cause maintains the dignity of the Parliament
  • the request is made at least 30 days prior to the date of promotion to avoid scheduling conflicts

A maximum period of seven days’ lighting will be allocated for a single cause, contingent on Parliament’s availability to meet that time frame. On occasion, there may be multiple requests for the same time period. In the event of this occurring, a shared arrangement may be determined by the Presiding Officers.

Application process

A request for the lighting of Parliament can be made through a member of Parliament in the Legislative Council or Legislative Assembly or directly.

The application must be addressed to Hon Kate Doust, MLC, President of the Legislative Council and Hon Peter Watson, MLA, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, at the following address:

Parliament House
4 Harvest Terrace
West Perth WA 6005
Email: and


The application will address the eligibility criteria and cite the requested dates for the lighting of Parliament and the colour that best represents the cause.

Where the colour requested is not a primary colour, it would be helpful to provide a copy of the requested colour to aid Parliament in achieving lighting as close as possible to that colour. It should be noted that pastel and light colours are not easily visible.