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  • No Sitting Scheduled Today
    No Sitting Scheduled Today

End of the 40th Parliament

His Excellency the Governor has dissolved the Legislative Assembly on and from 29 January 2021 with the result that the 40th Parliament has come to an end. Dissolution of the Assembly terminates all Assembly committees and all joint committees of the Parliament. Any Legislative Council committee without a capacity to meet to transact business after the Houses were prorogued on 7 December 2020 cannot meet to conduct any formal business, including the taking of evidence. The General Election will be held on Saturday, 13 March 2021 and the 41st Parliament will first meet on a subsequent date appointed by the Governor.

COVID 19 - Update

Parliament House is now open to visitors and tours. Anyone entering Parliament House will need to complete the contact register. Please follow social distancing guidelines and do not attend if you are unwell.

For enquiries, contact 9222 7222 or


Proposals for new and amended laws
Two staff preparing bills in the Legislative Assembly Administration office

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What's On

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