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  • The Legislative Assembly meets on 13/02/2024 (01:00 PM)
    Assembly sit 13/02/2024
  • The Legislative Council meets on 27/02/2024 (01:00 PM)
    Council sit 27/02/2024

Regional Outreach Program

The Regional Outreach Program is one of a suite of educational programs delivered by the Parliament of Western Australia to develop student awareness of the role of the Western Australian Parliament and parliamentary processes.

The program aims to improve equity of access to Parliamentary education for students and community members who reside in regional and remote locations of Western Australia and who have limited access to the educational programs delivered at Parliament House.

The Regional Outreach Program is designed as a complete package that will not only assist students to understand the parliamentary process but is designed to engage with the regional community. The program includes:

  • School incursion.
  • Community information session.
  • Teacher professional learning opportunity.

Outcomes for students

Students participating in the Regional Outreach Program will:

  • Gain an improved understanding of the Western Australian Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum, specifically the Civics and Citizenship learning outcomes for Years 5, 6, 7 and 8. This includes but is not limited to, the role of a Member of Parliament, how Parliament makes laws for the State, why laws are made and the voting process.

Outcomes for teachers

Teachers participating in the Regional Outreach Program will gain:

  • An enhanced understanding of the structure, roles, functions and processes of Parliament with direct reference to the WA HASS Curriculum - Civics and Citizenship syllabus; and
  • Knowledge of the curriculum resources available to support the delivery of learning outcomes under the syllabus.

Teacher Professional Learning Program

A free after school session, providing an overview of how the parliamentary process works, will assist teachers to plan for the HASS curriculum (Civics and Citizenship syllabus) and create engaging lessons for Years 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Program and curriculum links for WA

WA Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum - Civics and Citizenship Syllabus

Year 5 - Roles, responsibilities and participation

Year 6 - Australia's system of government and citizenship

Year 7 - Designing our political and legal system

Year 8 - Democracy and law in action

  • The freedoms that enable active participation in Australia's democracy within the bounds of law, including freedom of speech, association, assembly, religion and movement (ACHCK061)
  • How citizens can participate in Australia's democracy, including use of the electoral system, contact with their elected representatives, use of lobby groups and direct action (ACHCK062)
  • How laws are made in Australia through parliaments (statutory law) (ACHCK063)
  • How laws are made in Australia through the courts (common law) (ACHCK063)
  • The types of law in Australia, including criminal law, civil law and the place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander customary law (ACHCK064)
  • Different perspectives about Australia's national identity, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and what it means to be Australian (ACHCK066)

Community groups

As part of the Regional Outreach Program, a community presentation has been developed to help engage the local community on the roles and functions of Parliament. This presentation is delivered to interested members of the community in local community facilities, including libraries, council meeting rooms and school halls.