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Internship Program

The Parliamentary Internship Program is designed primarily for tertiary students of politics, law and journalism.

The program is coordinated and administered by the Parliamentary Education Office. It is a cooperative arrangement between the Western Australian Parliament and the state universities through which students undertake the research of topics nominated by Members of Parliament.

Students assume the role of a research assistant under the guidance of a Member of Parliament. Further guidance and support throughout the internship is provided through the academic supervisor and the staff in the Parliamentary Education Office.


For Students:

  • Understand the structure and function of the Western Australian Parliament, the role of its members and the contribution of Parliament to the democratic process
  • Develop flexible and independent research skills
  • Make meaningful connections between theory and practice
  • Clarify career goals

For Parliament:

  • Production of specific research reports covering many complex and demanding issues
  • Increased resources and documentation
  • Ensures that the Western Australian Parliament is involved in coordinating an ongoing high profile educational strategy

Internship structure

Each internship runs during Semester 2 and is organised to suit the different needs of each university.

Students are drawn from third year or higher and may be majoring in any discipline, although preference is given to the schools of politics, law and journalism.

Typical schedule:

  1. Members submit topics to the Parliamentary Education Office.
  2. Topics sent to universities.
  3. Students nominate preferences.
  4. Students allocated to topics.
  5. Members and students advised of allocations.
  6. Orientation morning tea - students meet Members.

A selection of previous topics:

  1. Sustainable water resources for the future
  2. Alternative sanctions to custody
  3. Transport needs in the metropolitan area
  4. Petrol prices in WA
  5. The impact of non-compulsory voting
  6. The role of committees in the Parliamentary process
  7. Government Advertising: Propaganda or Public Service?
Contact James Sollis in the Parliamentary Education Office for more information.
Phone: (08) 9222 7829 Fax: (08) 9222 7865


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Joint Civics Education Outreach Program

The Joint Civics Education Outreach Program is a collaborative development between the Parliament of Western Australia, the Constitutional Centre of Western Australia and the Western Australian Electoral Commission, which aims to enhance civics education for students in regional and remote areas of the State.

To book this free incursion for your school, please contact the Constitutional Centre on (08) 9222 6922.

For further information about the activities in this program, contact the Parliamentary Education Office on (08) 9222 7829 or (08) 9222 7259.

Additional Information

Can be obtained from the Parliamentary Education Office who can assist you with information about your members of Parliament and any other information not readily available on this website.

Brochures about your Parliament are available on request.

Parliamentary Education Office
Phone: (08) 9222 7259 or (08) 9222 7829

Procedural advice

All requests for procedural advice should be directed to:

Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly

Phone: (08) 9222 7215


Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Council

Phone: (08) 9222 7214