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Kingsley Electorate Profile

Current Member

Jessica lives in Woodvale with her husband and their two kids. She grew up in Beldon and Joondalup where she attended Eddystone Primary School and Sacred Heart College.

As a mum with a young daughter at primary school Jessica values the contribution education makes to our kid’s future and having been on the school board and P&F of that school understands the pressures and demands on the education system in today’s changing world.

Prior to entering Parliament Jessica was a strategic project town planner at the City of Wanneroo, while also raising her young family.

Jessica has always been committed to her community and served as the President of the Landsdale Residents Association where she campaigned successfully for a number of community projects, including grants to hold community ‘Get to know your neighbour’ days.

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Kingsley Electorate Map

Kingsley Electorate map

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Statistical Profile of the Kingsley Electorate

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About the Kingsley Electorate

Number of Electors: 26,192 (9 March 2015)
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information.
Nomenclature: The suburb of Kingsley is named after the village of Kingsley which is near Winchester in Hampshire, England. The name was chosen for the historical association with the first owner of land in the area, William Kernot Shenton. Shenton was born in Winchester in 1802. The suburb name was approved in 1974.
(Source: Western Australia. Department of Land Administration. Names and Places.)
Suburbs/Towns: Greenwood, Kingsley, Warwick and Woodvale.
* = Suburb/Town split between more than one District.
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information
Creaney Primary School
Dalmain Primary School
Goollelal Primary School
Greenwood College
Greenwood Primary School
Halidon Primary School
Hawker Park Primary School
North Woodvale Primary School
Warwick Senior High School
West Greenwood Primary School
Woodvale Primary School
Woodvale Secondary College

Liwara Catholic Primary School
The Montessori School
St Luke's Catholic Primary School
Local Newspapers:
Joondalup Times
Wanneroo Times
Local Governments within District
City of Joondalup (part)
City of Wanneroo (part)

2017 Election Result

* Election analysis

Successive Members for the Kingsley District

Cheryl Edwardes
Cheryl Edwardes

Constituency created under the Redistribution of Seats 1988

Cheryl Lynn Edwardes Liberal Party 1989 - 2005
Judith (Judy) Hughes Australian Labor Party 2005 - 2008
Andrea Ruth Mitchell Liberal Party 2008 - 2017
Jessica Mary Christine Stojkovski Australian Labor Party 2017 -
b = by-election