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Educational tours

School tours resume in term 3 on a modified basis. Learn more


About our tours

The Parliamentary Education Office provides curriculum support for school groups and broader civics education for tertiary and other educational institutions.

The tours are free, interactive, informative and engaging and every effort is made to tailor learning experiences to current classroom or whole school programs.

The tours are 75 minutes long and may be arranged for any weekday; however, the format will vary depending on whether Parliament is sitting at the time of the tour.

Sitting day tours

Students will tour Parliament House and may have the opportunity to observe Parliament at work and meet a member of Parliament.

Non-sitting day tours

Students will tour Parliament House and may have the opportunity to undertake a role-play in the Legislative Council or Legislative Assembly chamber.

Participation in a role-play will require student preparation prior to attendance at Parliament House.

In the event that the role-play activity is considered too difficult for students, teachers may elect to undertake an activity called ‘Voting with Your Feet’ where students learn about voting during a division in Parliament. This activity is appropriate for students of all literacy levels.

For further information on role-plays and divisions, see Role-plays.

Meet your local members

Students may also have the opportunity to meet a member of Parliament. The Parliamentary Education Office advises the members representing the electorate (Legislative Assembly) or region (Legislative Council) in which your school is located, of the students’ intended visit.

Group size

Parliamentary Education tours cater for the following group sizes:

Year5_6/Year_5_6 icon.png Years 5-6, 10 - 35 students

Year7_8/Yr-7_8-Icon.png Years 7-8, 10 - 30 students

Year9_10/Year_9_10 Icon.png Years 9-10, 10 - 25 students

  • Maximum of 25 for all other student groups including years 11 and 12 and tertiary students
  • A minimum of two to a maximum of five adults (including teachers) must accompany all school tours