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  • The Legislative Assembly meets on 29/04/2021 (11:00 AM)
    Assembly sit 29/04/2021
  • The Legislative Council meets on 29/04/2021 (02:45 PM)
    Council sit 29/04/2021


Members of Parliament: Parliamentary Roles

Premiers of WA

(Photo: Sir John Forrest)

Leaders of the Opposition

(Photo: Henry Daglish)

Speakers of the LA

(Photo: Sir Thomas Cockburn-Campbell)

Presidents of the LC

(Photo: Sir James Lee Steere)

Members of Parliament: Demographics

Cultural Diversity of WA MPs

(Photo: Ljiljanna Ravlich)

Irish Born Members of Parliament

(Photo: Sir John Winthrop Hackett)

Longest Serving WA MPs

(Photo: Hon John Tonkin)

Youngest MPs in WA

(Photo: Edwin Wilkie Corboy)

Further Information

Governors of WA

(Photo: Captain Sir James Stirling)

Footballers in the House

(Photo: Dean Nalder)

Members of Parliament: Dynasties

Cowan Family Dynasty

(Photo: Edith Cowan)

Holman Family Dynasty

(Photo: May Holman)

Court Dynasty

(Painting: Sir Charles and Hon Richard Court)

Women Members of Parliament

Record of Women MPs in the Parliament of Western Australia

(Photo: Dame Florence Cardell-Oliver)

WA Women Firsts

(Photo: Carol Martin)

Cowan Family Dynasty

(Photo: Edith Cowan)

Holman Family Dynasty

(Photo: May Holman)

Women in Parliament

(Photo: Hon Carmen Lawrence)

Members of Parliament & Ministers Lists

Alphabetical / Numerical
Listing of Members of the Legislative Council

Alphabetical /Numerical
Listing of Members of the Legislative Assembly

Ministerial Portfolios
Chronological List from 1890+


WA State Election Analysis of Results

Analysis of Redistribution of State District Electoral Boundaries



Estimates of Unemployment Statistics by State Electoral Divisions

Other Information about electorates

Parliament of Western Australia
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