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Criminal Law Amendment Bill (No. 1) 1998

Bill No. 134
Long Title The purpose of this Bill is to - amend section 236 of The Criminal Code dealing with the taking of forensic samples; amend Chapter XXXIIIB of The Criminal Code concerning stalking; amend the Sentencing Act 1995 in relation to whole of life sentences; and make consequential amendments to other Acts..
Status Assented to
This Act came into operation on Royal Assent - Royal Assent given 25 Sep 1998 as Act No. 38/98 of 1998
Current Bill
Legislative Assembly DateNote No.Related Documents
First Reading 06/24/1998  
Second Reading 06/25/1998  
Second Reading Speech   
Second Reading Agreed 09/08/1998  
Consideration in Detail 09/08/1998  
Amendments adopted 09/08/1998  
Third Reading 09/09/1998  

Legislative Council DateNote No.Related Documents
Introduced 11/11/1997  
First Reading 11/11/1997  
Second Reading 11/11/1997 1 
Second Reading Speech   
Second Reading Agreed 06/16/1998  
Committee of the whole 06/16/1998  
Amendments adopted 06/16/1998  
Third Reading 06/16/1998  

Messages Between Houses DateNote No.
Consideration of Legislative Assembly Message   09/17/1998  

Other Procedures DateNote No.Related Links
Reinstated to the stage reached in the previous Session  08/12/1998  
Bill divided into two bills  03/12/1998 1 

1. This Bill is part of Criminal Law Amendment Bill 1997 [No. 91-1] which was divided into 2 Bills on 12/03/98. The other Bill is the Criminal Law Amendment Bill (No.2) 1998 [No. 135-1].
2. This Act comes into operation 28 days after Assent.