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Electoral Reform Bill 2002

Bill No. 155
Long Title The purpose of this Bill is to amend the Electoral Act 1907 (WA) and the Constitution Acts Amendment Act 1899 (WA). It will also repeal the Electoral Distribution Act 1947(WA). In addition, it will make consequential amendments to other Acts. The three principal provisions of the Bill are - 1. Legislative Assembly electorate districts will have equal enrolments subject to a tolerance of up to 10 percent above or below the average district enrolment. 2. This 10 percent will be varied in respect of electoral districts within an area greater that 100,000 square kilometres where the tolerance will be 20 percent below the average district enrolment. 3. The State will be divided into six electoral regions each returning six Members of the Legislative Council with equal representation in city and country regions.
Status Bill Lapsed
Current Bill
Legislative Assembly DateNote No.Related Documents
Introduced 10/23/2002  
First Reading 10/23/2002  
Second Reading 10/23/2002  
Second Reading Speech   

Other Procedures DateNote No.Related Links
Bill Lapsed  01/23/2005 1 

1. 36th Parliament prorogued and Legislative Assembly dissolved 23 January 2005.