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Health (Fresh Produce - State or Territory of Origin) Amendment Bill 2005

Bill No. 067
Long Title This Bill provides for origin labelling of 'fresh produce' such as fruits, vegetables and nuts. It means that all fresh produce displayed for retail sale, originating from within the Commonwealth, must be labelled indicating the item's State or Territory of Origin.

Private Members Bill introduced by Mr Donald Terrence (Terry) Redman

Status Referred to the Economics and Industry Standing Committee
This Act comes into operation on the day on which it receives the Royal Assent
Current Bill
Legislative AssemblyDateNote No.Related Documents
Introduced29 Jun 2005  
First Reading29 Jun 2005  
Second Reading29 Jun 2005  
Second Reading Speech  
Other ProceduresDateNote No.Related Links
Referred to the Economics and Industry Standing Committee 29 Jun 2005