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Committee Name:

Delegated Legislation Joint Committee (1987 - 2001)


Report Type:Report


Town of Claremont Tree Preservation Local Law
Report No:37
No of Pages:11 + appendices
Physical Location:Legislative Council Committee Office

Presentation Date:


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The Town of Claremont's Tree Preservation Local Law as drafted:
          (1) unduly trespasses on established rights, freedoms or liberties and unduly makes rights dependant upon administrative, and not judicial, decisions;
          (2) fails to allow for any exemptions;
          (3) does not include definitions for things that should be defined and does not adequately define those things that are defined;
          (4) gives no indication as to how the Town would make its decisions on applications to remove trees; and
          (5) contains a deemed refusal clause which is unfair in its operation.