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Delegated Legislation Joint Committee (1987 - 2001)


Report Type:Report


Taxi Amendment Regulations 1998
Report No:39
No of Pages:38
Physical Location:Legislative Council Committee Office

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      The Committee notes that certain drivers in the taxi industry have raised a number of concerns regarding the Taxi Amendment Regulations 1998 as well as other broader issues.
      The Committee has resolved not to recommend disallowance of the Amendment Regulations after:
      hearing evidence from three taxi drivers and officers of the Department of Transport who appeared before it; and
      reviewing the written submissions made by one of the taxi drivers who appeared before it and by an officer of the Department.
      However, a number of issues were brought to the attention of the Committee during its consideration of the Amendment Regulations and the Committee is of the opinion that these matters should be reported to the House. In particular, they are:
      the use of infringement notices to penalise fare evaders;
      the suppression of destinations when advising drivers of the availability of fares in their area;
      the fact that a prearranged booking does not guarantee that a taxi will arrive on time; and
      the apparent breakdown in communication between the Department, industry groups and drivers in the taxi industry.
      For the reasons outlined below, the Committee believes that these are pertinent issues that have serious implications for the industry. The Committee believes that the taxi industry should be encouraged to take responsibility for resolving these issues and recommends that the Minister for Transport continue to monitor the progress of the taxi industry and the provision of services to the public.

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