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Committee Name:

Constitutional Affairs Committee (1989 - 2001)


Legislative Council
Report Type:Report


Report in relation to the Friendly Societies (Western Australia) Bill 1998 and Friendly Societies (Taxing) Bill 1998
Report No:29
No of Pages:17
Physical Location:Legislative Council Committee Office

Presentation Date:


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Hide details for Executive Summary and RecommendationsExecutive Summary and Recommendations

The Friendly Societies (Western Australia) Bill 1998 (the "Bill") and Friendly Societies (Taxing) Bill 1998 (the "Taxing Bill") were referred to the Constitutional Affairs Committee ("the Committee") by the Legislative Council under Standing Order 230(d).

The purpose of the Bill is to implement model friendly societies legislation. The Bill is part of the legislative process required to include national uniform regulation of friendly societies within the framework of the existing financial institutions scheme which currently regulates permanent building societies and credit unions.

The Bill implements the Friendly Societies (Western Australia) Code (the "Code") as a law of Western Australia. The Code is contained in Appendix 1 and contains 345 clauses in 15 Parts.

The purpose of the Taxing Bill is to ensure that, to the extent that any fee referred to in section 13 of the Bill may be considered to be a tax, it can properly be imposed. The Taxing Bill has no other purpose and operates entirely as a supplement to the Bill.


In the report, the Committee has provided comment and recommendations on certain selected clauses of the Bill. It should be noted that the remainder of the clauses not mentioned are recommended to be passed by the Committee.

The Committee recommends that all clauses of the Taxing Bill should be passed.