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Report Details

Committee Name:

Public Administration Committee


Legislative Council
Report Type:Report


Annual Report 2008
Report No:9
No of Pages:141
Physical Location:Legislative Council Committee Office

Presentation Date:

Related Report(s):Report No 8 - Inquiry into the Management of Asbestos Containing Materials in Western Australian State Schools (18 Jun 2008)

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Summary of report

The purpose of this report is to:

        inform the Parliament of the activities of the Standing Committee on PublicAdministration in 2008;

        make recommendations relating to anticipated water legislation and the Committee’s inquiry into the Governance of Western Australia’s Water Resources; and

        report to the Parliament in relation to the Committee’s scrutiny of Statutory Office Holder reports, and the responses received from Ministers relating to these reports.


The recommendation appears in the text at the page number indicated:

Page 13
    Recommendation 1: The Committee recommends that the proposed Water Services Bill, Water Corporation Act Amendment Bill and Water Resources Management Bill (or any renamed bill dealing with the same or similar matters) be referred to the Standing Committee on Public Administration, or its successor, immediately following the second reading speech of the Minister or parliamentary secretary with carriage of the legislation and the Committee be empowered to consider the policy of the legislation.