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Members’ biographical register

Elias Solomon

Date: Circa 2 September 1839
Place: London, England, United Kingdom
Arrival in WA
Arrived in Western Australia January 1868 from South Australia in Eliza Blanche
Son of Samuel Moss and Leah Myers
Marriage and Family
Married (1) 18 July 1877, at residence of E Solomon, Fremantle to Agnes Elizabeth Bickley, daughter of Wallace Bickley and Elizabeth Bickley
Children: two sons and three daughters
Widowed 22 April 1886
Married (2) 1 May 1887, District Registry Office, Fremantle to Elizabeth Stokes (born 16 September 1868), daughter of John and Elizabeth Poynan
Children: three sons and three daughters
Widowed 3 December 1898 (wife died at sea en route Fremantle to Adelaide)
Date: 23 May 1909
Place: Beaconsfield, Western Australia
Cemetery: Fremantle Cemetery, WA
Businessperson, auctioneer and consul
Employment History
Employed by uncle’s auctioneering firm, E Solomon and Company
In 1857 represented his uncle as a sugar buyer in Mauritius

Auctioneer and general merchant, Essex St, Fremantle, importers and retailers
After firm dissolved became manager for L Samson
Later in partnership with LA Manning

1878 Consular for Italy in Western Australia
Local Government Service
Fremantle Town Council 1877–1883, chairman 1881
Mayor of Fremantle 1889–1891, 1896–1898, 1900–1901
Independent Free Trade 1901–1903
Date Elected
14 October 1892
Inaugural Speech
Inaugural Video
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Year Retired/Resigned
South Fremantle
Parliamentary Service

  • MLA South Fremantle 14 October 1892–March 1901 (resigned)

  • Member of the House of Representatives Fremantle 29 March 1901–16 December 1903
  • Contested Fremantle (House of Representative) 16 December 1903
Arrived in South Australia 1840
After a few months went to Sydney
Returned to Adelaide on father’s death 1849
Justice of the Peace
First chairman Fremantle Municipal Railways Board
President Fremantle Literary Institute
Chairman Hospital Board and Cemetery Board; member Fremantle Chamber of Commerce Building Society, granted lot for Fremantle Synagogue in 1902
President Hebrew Congregation
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Who's Who in Australia (1906–08)