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Members’ biographical register

Hon Robert Edwin Bush

Principal Honours
After war created a Knight of Grace of the Order of St John of Jerusalem
Date: 11 October 1855
Place: Redland, Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Son of Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Bush (commanded detachment of 96th Infantry in WA on 1840s, returned to England 1851), and Emily Adria Griffith
Marriage and Family
Married (1) 28 January 1893, St George’s Cathedral, Perth, to Constance Harper (nee Lochee) (born circa October 1862), widow of Julian Francis Harper (died circa 1888), daughter of Francis and Emma Purkis
Children: one son and one daughter
Widowed 3 July 1896
Married (2) 27 May 1907, Parish Church, Stoke Bishop, Bristol, England to Mary Scott (born circa 1886), daughter of Edward and Penelope Francis Sholl
Children: three sons
Date: 29 December 1939
Place: Bishop’s Knoll, Stoke Bishop, Bristol, England
Church of England
Educated 1865–1875 Clifton College (school cricket captain 1874–1875)
Employment History
Spent eighteen months as jackeroo on Murgoo Station, then took cargo of horses to Mauritius
Exploring in Gascoyne District with Walter Howard and SE Sewell
1883 established Post Office on his Bidgemia Station
Took up Clifton and later Mount Clare sheep and cattle stations
Hon inspector of stock

Interested in several mineral prospecting parties
One of first to prospect and take up pastoral leases at Golden Valley, Yilgarn

1912–1939 director of Dalgety and Company in London
Sheriff to the city and county of Bristol
Deputy Lieutenant of the county of Gloucestershire
Local Government Service
Upper Gascoyne Road Board, member and first chairman (1888)
Date Elected
24 December 1890
Inaugural Speech
Bush, Robert Edwin, Inaugural Speech.pdf
Inaugural Video
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Year Retired/Resigned
Parliamentary Service
  • Nominated MLC 24 December 1890–17 July 1893 (resigned)
A founder and first President Northerners’ Association founded 1893
Took keen interest in Fairbridge Farm School
Justice of the Peace 1899
To England early 1900s
Owner Bishop’s Knoll near Bristol
At outbreak of World War I made Bishop’s Knoll available at his own cost as a hospital
1915 became hospital for Australian wounded
Served in hospital as ambulance orderly
Interested in racing and a founder of Western Australian Turf Club
Keen cricketer, 1875–1877 played for Gloucestershire with WG Grace
1911 President of the County Cricket Club, Gloucestershire Society, Society of Bristolians, Old Cliftonian Society
County Director, Red Cross Society of Geneva, 1919 Australian delegate to International Red Cross Meeting at Geneva
Involved in film industry and broadcasting
A world traveller and visitor to WA (13 trips)
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