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Members’ biographical register

John McKail

Date: 22 January 1810
Place: India
Arrival in WA
1 June 1829 to WA on Parmelia
Son of Nathaniel
Marriage and Family
Married 23 May 1839, Albany to Henrietta Jenkins (born 8 November 1822 and died 5 May 1888), daughter of William and Mary Emma
Children: two sons and seven daughters
Date: 6 August 1871
Place: Albany, Western Australia
Farmer, businessperson and consul
Employment History
Carpenter 1829–1835, employed on first government offices and on government works on Swan
1835 to Albany as agent for Anthony Curtis
1837 built Albany’s first jetty
Bought Inn, later London Hotel

Merchant, invested in whaling
Postmaster and teacher at Aboriginal school in Albany 1843–1846

Then sandalwood exporter and pastoralist, owned property in the Porongorups
Founded business later known as Drew Robinson, Albany
1867 Consul for Hamburg, 1871 for German Empire
Date Elected
18 October 1870
Inaugural Speech
A very short Address-in-Reply was given on 6 December 1870.
Inaugural Video
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Year Retired/Resigned
Parliamentary Service
  • MLC Albany 18 October 1870–4 April 1871 (resigned)
1833 charged with riotous behaviour
1834 charged with shooting an Aboriginal
1835 to Albany as agent for Anthony Curtis
1836 imprisoned for illegally lending spirits
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