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Members’ biographical register

Hon Norman (Norm) John Patrick Kelly

Date: 6 January, 1959
Place: Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia
Arrival in WA
To WA December 1982
Son of Raymond James Kelly, police officer, and Kathleen Wheeler Ryan
Marriage and Family
Married 26 September 1986, West Perth to Gail Jean Jamieson, daughter of Ian Stuart Jamieson and Alice Jean Dalgety
Children: one daughter (step daughter)
Educated in NSW at St Therese Padstow Primary School and De La Salle College, Revesby Heights
Mt Lawley TAFE—Diploma in Photography (Illustrative) 1990
Curtin University—BA (with distinction in politics and sociology) 2003, BSocSc (Hons first class) 2004
Australian National University—PhD (Political Science) 2009
Employment History
Office worker 1975–1977
Courier and truck driver 1977–1982
Prepared tax returns 1982
Trades assistant at Worsley Refinery 1983
Field assistant Mineral Exploration 1984–1986
Taxi driver 1987–1990
Photographer and laboratory printer 1988–1997
After leaving politics Policy Advisor Department Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry in Canberra
In 2010 Consultant Political Scientist Association, Centre for Democratic Institutions, Canberra
Australian Democrats
Joined party in 1995, editor of newsletter 1995–1997, member Division Executive 1996–1997, National Executive from 2001, National Deputy President from 2002
Resigned from party 2003
Date Elected
22 May 1997
Inaugural Speech
Inaugural Video
No inaugural video is available as filming did not start until May 2003
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Valedictory Speech
No valedictory speech given
Year Retired/Resigned
East Metropolitan
Parliamentary Service

  • MLC East Metropolitan Region 22 May 1997–21 May 2001. Elected to the Thirty-fifth Parliament for East Metropolitan Region on 14 December 1996 for term commencing 22 May 1997. Defeated 10 February 2001 (term concluded 21 May 2001).

  • Member Standing Committee on Ecologically Sustainable Development 26 June 1997–10 January 2001
  • Member Parliamentary Services Committee 11 June 1998–11 August 1999
  • Member Select Committee of Privilege on the Report of the Public Administration Committee 26 August–14 October 1997
  • Member Select Committee of Privilege on a Failure to Produce Documents Under Summons 21 October 1998–8 December 1998
  • Member Select Committee on Finance Broking Industry of Western Australia 21 June 2000–7 December 2000


  • Contested Swan (House of Representatives) 2 March 1996
Private Member's Bills
Liquor Licensing Amendment Bill 1998 Reinstated to the stage reached in the previous Session - 17/11/1999
Liquor Licensing Amendment Bill 1998 Legislative Assembly Second Reading - 12/5/1999
Liquor Licensing Amendment Bill (No. 2) 1998 Legislative Council Second Reading - 26/5/1998
Metropolitan Region Town Planning Scheme Amendment Bill 1998 Legislative Council Second Reading - 18/8/1998
Metropolitan Region Town Planning Scheme Amendment Bill 1999 Legislative Council Second Reading - 18/8/1999
Metropolitan Region Town Planning Scheme Amendment Bill 2000 Legislative Assembly Second Reading - 11/10/2000
Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 1997 Legislative Council Second Reading - 16/10/1997
Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 1998 Legislative Council Second Reading - 20/8/1998
Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2000 Legislative Council Second Reading - 19/10/2000
Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2000 Legislative Council Second Reading - 10/5/2000
Resident in Hataitai, Wellington, New Zealand
Former member Australian Institute of Professional Photography
Former member WA Marathon Club from 1993
Justice of the Peace (WA)
Diploma in Photography, BA, BSocSc, Ph.D
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Parliament of Western Australia, Former Members, Parliament of Western Australia website, accessed 14 May 2014 http://intranet/parliament/Memblist.nsf/WAllMembersFlat/Kelly,+Norm?opendocument
Transcript of interview with John Ferrell, 2004 (State Library and WA Parliament Library)
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