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Members’ biographical register

Mr Phillip George Pendal

Date: 4 February 1947
Place: Bunbury, Western Australia
Son of Algar Harold Pendal, building contractor, and Marie Julia Buswell
Marriage and Family
Married 23 August 1969, Our Lady Help of Christians Church, East Victoria Park to Maxine Mayrhofer, daughter of Oscar George Mayrhofer and Florence Rita Fitzpatrick
Children: one son and two daughters
Date: 27 May 2008
Place: South Perth, Western Australia
Cemetery: Fremantle Cemetery, Western Australia
Educated Marist Brothers College, Bunbury; Xavier College, East Victoria Park and Perth Technical College
Journalist and press secretary
Employment History
Clerical work with Olympic Tyre and Rubber Co Ltd 1962–1963
Bank clerk, Commonwealth Banking Corporation 1963–1966
Journalist with
South West Times, Manjimup Warren Times and Daily News until 1975
Assistant press secretary to Sir Charles Court, Premier 1975–1977
Press secretary to Minister for Labour and Industry 1977–1980
Joined Liberal Party 1971
Resigned 30 March 1995 and became Independent
Previously secretary and president Como-Collier branch
Member Swan Division Council
Vice-president Tangney Division
Member State Council
Date Elected
22 May 1980
Inaugural Speech
Inaugural Video
No inaugural video is available as filming did not start until May 2003
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Year Retired/Resigned
South-East Metropolitan
Parliamentary Service
  • MLC South-East Metropolitan Province 22 May 1980–21 May 1983. Elected to the Thirtieth Parliament for South-East Metropolitan Region from 22 May 1980 in succession to Grace Sydney Vaughan (defeated).
  • MLC South Central Metropolitan Province 22 May 1983 (appointed to the Province in 1983)–21 May 1989. Appointed to the South Central Metropolitan Province (new Province) from 22 May 1983. Elected to the Thirty-third Parliament for South Metropolitan Region from 22 May 1989. Resigned 14 January 1993.
  • MLC South Metropolitan Region 22 May 1989–14 January 1993 (resigned)
  • MLA South Perth 6 February 1993–26 February 2005. Elected to the Thirty-fourth Parliament for South Perth (Legislative Assembly) 6 February 1993 in succession to William Leonard Grayden (retired). Resigned from Parliamentary Liberal Party 30 March 1995. Re-elected 1996, 2001. Did not contest the general election 2005 and succeeded by John Edwin McGrath (Liberal).

  • Shadow Minister for Lands and Surveys and Tourism March 1983–13 March 1984; for Tourism, Arts, America’s Cup, Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs, Sport and Recreation 19 March 1986–December 1986; for Tourism, Arts, the Family and the Elderly and Retired (from 26 April 1988) December 1986–7 March 1989; for Tourism Economics, Cultural Affairs and Heritage, and Youth 7 March 1989–17 June 1990; for The Environment, Cultural Affairs, Heritage, and Federal Affairs 17 June 1990– 24 May 1992
  • Shadow Minister (Coalition Shadow Minister from 24 November) for The Environment and Heritage 24 May 1992–16 February 1993

  • Member Library Committee (Legislative Council) 29 September 1982–January 1993; Standing Committee on Government Agencies (Legislative Council) 1982–1983; Public Accounts Committee 22–29 June 1993
  • Chairman Standing Committee on Uniform Legislation and Intergovernmental Agreements (Legislative Assembly) 9 February 1994–14 November 1996
  • Member Select Committee (Legislative Council) on National Parks 3 October–27 November 1979
  • Member Select Committee (Legislative Council) on the desirability of establishing a Standing Committee on Government Agencies 1 October 1980–1 April 1981
  • Member Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Reform 21 December 1989–29 August 1990 (resigned)
  • Member Select Committee (Legislative Council) on a Matter of Privilege relating to a Petition presented by Hon John Halden 11 November 1992–14 December 1992
  • Member Select Committee (Legislative Council) on a Matter of Privilege concerning the Petition of Brian Easton 1992
  • Chairman Select Committee (Legislative Council) on Batavia Relics 23 September–1 December 1992
  • Chairman Select Committee (Legislative Assembly) on Heritage Laws 8 September 1993–27 February 1995
  • Chairman Select Committee (Legislative Council) on Ancient Shipwrecks 3 November 1993–17 October 1995
  • Member Parliamentary History Advisory Committee 1984–2008 (vice chairman from 2001)

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
  • Represented WA branch Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) at the 16th Australasian and Pacific Regional Conference, Cook Islands, 1981
  • At the 25th Conference, Papua New Guinea, 1999
  • At the CPA Conference, Parliament and the Media, South Africa 2002
Private Member's Bills
Constitution (Parliamentary Privileges) Amendment Bill 2004 Assented to - 3/11/2004
Fair Trading Amendment Bill 2001 Legislative Assembly Second Reading - 13/3/2002
Fair Trading Amendment Bill 2001 Bill Lapsed - 23/1/2005
Financial Accountability Bill 1997 Second reading not agreed to - 27/11/1997
Liquor Licensing Amendment Bill 2004 Bill Lapsed - 23/1/2005
Maritime Archaeology Amendment Bill 1997 Assented to - 9/12/1997
Police (Immunity from Civil Liability) Bill 1998 Legislative Assembly Second Reading - 9/9/1998
Police (Immunity from Civil Liability) Bill 1998 Reinstated to the stage reached in the previous Session - 11/8/1999
Rates and Charges (Rebates and Deferments) Amendment Bill 2000 Legislative Assembly Second Reading - 13/9/2000
Superannuation and Family Benefits Amendment Bill 1999 Legislative Assembly Second Reading - 23/6/1999 Superannuation and Family Benefits Amendment Bill 1999 Reinstated to the stage reached in the previous Session - 11/8/1999
Water Conservation and Management Bill 2003 Bill Lapsed - 23/1/2005
Member State Executive Australian Journalist's Association 1970–1975
Winner Provincial Press Award 1967
Member Knights of the Southern Cross from 1968
Member State Executive Young Christian Workers 1964–1966
Co-founder Xavier College
Vietnam War Memorial 1977, first such private memorial in WA
Established Eminent Australians Forum
Member inaugural Roman Catholic Diocese of Bunbury Pastoral Council

Chairman Fund for Faith Aids Pastoral Care Centre 1997–2001
Member National Trust, Amnesty International, Lords Taverners Club
Member Board South Perth Community Hospital
Assisted in forming South Perth Historical Society
Patron Perth Electric Tramway Society
Founding member (and deputy chairman from 2001) Parliamentary History Advisory Committee 1984–2008
Awarded Papal Honour of the Cross for the Church and Pontiff 2005
After retirement from parliament appointed Parliamentary Fellow

2009 Philip Pendal Award was established by the City of South Perth Historical Society to honour and further Phillip's dream that the Mends Street Village Precinct become a centre for literature and the arts in the City of South Perth
List of published and unpublished books:
  • A Clean Break family history 1983
  • Sir Eric Smart—Farmer in L. Hunt (ed.) Westralian Portraits (Nedlands: University of WA Press, 1979)
  • A Thing of Beauty, a brief history of the Catholic community in South Perth, 1986
  • Uniform Law in Australia: an alternative approach, Institute of Public Affairs, 1996
  • With K Davey, editor of South Perth—The Vanishing Village, South Perth Historical Society, 2002
  • A Son of Labor—a biography of Premier ARG Hawke, unpublished
  • Hands that Heal: the Story of a Unique Australian: the Community-Owned South Perth Hospital (Inglewood, 2006)
  • Continuity in change: the journey of Catholic Education in Western Australia from 1843 to 2008 (Inglewood, 2008)
  • Royal Perth: A History of Golf in Australia’s West from 1895 to 2008 (Inglewood, 2008)
  • Joint author (with David Black) of House to House: The Story of Western Australia’s Government and Parliament Houses over 175 years (Perth, 2004)
  • Joint author (with David Black and Harry Phillips) of Mirror of the People: Members of the Parliament of Western Australia 1890–2007 (Perth, 2007)
D Black and G Bolton, eds, Biographical Register of Members of the Parliament of Western Australia: volume two 1930-2010, Western Australian Parliamentary History Project, Perth, WA, 2011, p. 208.
Brochure 2015 Philip Pendal Award Entry Form
Parliament of Western Australia, Former Members, Parliament of Western Australia website, accessed 21 May 2014, 28 May 2008.
Further Information
The Record
Transcript of interview with John Ferrell, 2007 (State Library and WA Parliament Library)

West Australian 28 May 2008, 14 August 2008.
Western Australian Parliamentary Debates, 5 June 2008, p. 3504–3512.
Western Australian Parliamentary Debates, 10 June 2008, p. 3593–3610.