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Members’ biographical register

Hon Diane (Dee) Elizabeth Margetts

Date: 5 March 1955
Place: Fremantle, Western Australia
Daughter of Ernest Joseph Margetts and June Elaine Stearne
Marriage and Family
Not married
Not stated
Educated Palmyra Primary School and John Curtin Senior High School
University of East Anglia, United Kingdom, BA (Hons) in Development Studies 1979–1983
University of Western Australia Dip Ed
Murdoch University Postgraduate (research) student from 1999, awarded MPhil
Senator, teacher, librarian, lobbyist
Employment History
Passenger Sales Agent for an airline 1974–1979
Also worked as receptionist and bar attendant
High school teacher and librarian 1984–1988
Anti-nuclear lobbyist and state coordinator for People for Nuclear Disarmament 1988–1991
Federal Senator 1993–1999
Greens (WA)
Joined Alternative Coalition 1988 and then foundation member Greens (WA) in 1990.
Date Elected
22 May 2001
Inaugural Speech

Inaugural Video
No inaugural video is available as filming did not start until May 2003
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Margetts, Diane Elizabeth, Valedictory Speech.pdfMargetts, Diane Elizabeth, Valedictory Speech.pdf
Year Retired/Resigned
Parliamentary Service

  • MLC Agricultural Region 22 May 2001–21 May 2005. Elected to the Thirty-sixth Parliament for Agricultural Region on 10 February 2001 (for term commencing 22 May 2001). Defeated 26 February 2005 (term concluded 21 May 2005).
  • Contested Fremantle (Legislative Assembly) 4 February 1989, Agricultural Region 26 February 2005, 6 September 2008
  • Member Standing Committee on Public Administration and Finance 28 June 2001–21 May 2005 (membership ceased on prorogation).


  • Member Senate 1 July 1993–30 June 1999
  • Contested Swan (House of Representatives) 24 March 1990; Senate 3 October 1998

  • Greens (WA) Whip 20 May 1996–30 June 1996

  • Member Standing Committee on Selection of Bills 20 May 1996–30 June 1999
  • Member Standing Committee on Publications 18 August 1993–30 June 1999 (chairman from 27 June 1996)
  • Participating member of numerous Senate Legislation and General Purpose Standing Committees and full member Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, Legislation Committee 10 November 1997–30 June 1999 (chairman from 11 November 1997)
  • Member Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade 30 September 1993–
    30 June 1999
  • Joint Statutory Committee on Australian Security 31 May 1996–30 June 1999
  • Member Select Committee on the Dangers of Radioactive Waste 23 March 1995–29 April 1996
  • Member Select Committee on Aircraft Noise in Sydney 23 May 1995–30 November 1995
  • Member Select Committee on Uranium Mining and Milling 8 May 1996–15 May 1997

  • Member official delegation to South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana July 1994
Private Member's Bills
Workers' Rights Reinstatement and Protection Bill 2001 Legislative Council Second Reading - 13/12/2001
Member management committee Environment Defenders’ Office 1999–2001
BA (Hons) Development Studies; Dip Ed
D Black and G Bolton, eds, Biographical Register of Members of the Parliament of Western Australia: volume two 1930-2010, Western Australian Parliamentary History Project, Perth, WA, 2011, p. 171.
Commonwealth Parliamentary Handbook 1996, 1999.
Parliament of Western Australia, Former Members, Parliament of Western Australia website. Accessed 20 May 2014.
Transcript of interview with Criena Fitzgerald, 2000c (State Library OH3013)

Western Australian Parliamentary Debates, 23 May 2001
Further Information
Chapter 53. Dee Margetts Making a Difference.pdf