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Members’ biographical register

Hon Richard George Ardagh

Date: 26 July 1871
Place: Redjacket, Woods Point, Victoria, Australia
Arrival in WA
1895 to WA
Son of Andrew, miner and gardener, and Isabella Hunter
Marriage and Family
Married (1) 1 March 1893, Church of England Vicarage, Walhalla, Gippsland, Victoria, Ellen Wilson (born circa 1870), daughter of John and Mary Sculley
Children: two sons and two daughters
Widowed 23 January 1899 eight days after birth of fourth child
Married (2) 4 October 1903, to Ardagh’s residence, Kalgoorlie (Presbyterian), Maud Eman, daughter of Thomas and Margaret Crichton of Victoria
Children: three sons and two daughters
Widowed 15 April 1914
Married (3) St John’s Church, Albany, 24 October 1916 to Jean Hamilton Chaplin (born circa 1882 and died circa 1962), widow, daughter of James Fisher and Theresa
Children: one daughter
Date: 31 July 1931
Place: Bayswater, Western Australia
Cemetery: Karrakatta Cemetery, Western Australia
Church of England
Mine engine driver
Employment History
Mining from early age in Victoria
Employed as mine engine driver in Kalgoorlie
Managing editor of
Westralian Worker and from 1912 business manager
Owned milk round in Bayswater until his death
Local Government Service
Kalgoorlie Municipal Council 1903–1912
Bayswater Road Board chairman 1920–1923, 1924
Labor Party to 1917, then National Trustee Australian Labor Federation (WA) Division 1916
Date Elected
22 May 1912
Inaugural Speech
Ardagh, Richard, Inaugural Speech.pdf
Inaugural Video
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Year Retired/Resigned
Parliamentary Service
  • MLC North-East Province 22 May 1912 – 21 May 1924
  • Contested North-East Province 10 May 1924, Menzies 26 March 1927, Middle Swan 26 March 1930
1892 union steward Long Tunnel Mine, Walhalla
1900 chairman Kalgoorlie branch Engine Drivers’ Association, official delegate on Goldfields TLC
1902–1910 secretary Goldfields TLC, 1910–1912 treasurer
Justice of the Peace, 1903
1922 secretary Milk Producers, Perth and Dist (Industrial Union of Employers)
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