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Date Question Number Member Asking Portfolio directed to
22-10-2019QoN 2596Hon Diane EversMines and Petroleum
O17-10-2019QwN 1184Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O16-10-2019QwN 1165Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O16-10-2019QwN 1155Hon DIANE EVERSAgriculture and Food
15-10-2019QoN 2577Hon Diane EversEnvironment
15-10-2019QoN 2551Hon Diane EversEnvironment
15-10-2019QoN 2550Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O15-10-2019QwN 1140Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O26-09-2019QwN 1116Hon DIANE EVERSAgriculture and Food
O25-09-2019QwN 1097Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O25-09-2019QwN 1089Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O24-09-2019QwN 1075Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O19-09-2019QwN 1056Hon DIANE EVERSAgriculture and Food
O19-09-2019QwN 1048Hon DIANE EVERSAboriginal Affairs
O18-09-2019QwN 1021Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O17-09-2019QoN 2466Hon Diane EversEmergency Services
O17-09-2019QoN 2465Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O17-09-2019QoN 2464Hon Diane EversForestry
O17-09-2019QwN 1005Hon DIANE EVERSRegional Development
O05-09-2019QwN 979Hon DIANE EVERSMines and Petroleum
O04-09-2019QwN 956Hon DIANE EVERSWater
O03-09-2019QoN 2423Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O03-09-2019QoN 2422Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O03-09-2019QwN 944Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O21-08-2019QwN 893Hon DIANE EVERSAboriginal Affairs
O20-08-2019QwN 878Hon DIANE EVERSRegional Development
O15-08-2019QwN 857Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O14-08-2019QwN 840Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O14-08-2019QwN 829Hon DIANE EVERSRegional Development
O13-08-2019QwN 806Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O08-08-2019QwN 788Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O07-08-2019QwN 762Hon DIANE EVERSRegional Development
O06-08-2019QoN 2300Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O06-08-2019QwN 751Hon DIANE EVERSminister representing the Treasurer
O06-08-2019QwN 744Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O27-06-2019QoN 2277Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O27-06-2019QwN 728Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O26-06-2019QwN 697Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O25-06-2019QoN 2210Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O25-06-2019QwN 680Hon DIANE EVERSMines and Petroleum
O13-06-2019QoN 2208Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O13-06-2019QwN 662Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O13-06-2019QwN 650Hon DIANE EVERSTourism
O12-06-2019QwN 638Hon DIANE EVERSRegional Development
O11-06-2019QwN 608Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O06-06-2019QwN 587Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O05-06-2019QwN 563Hon DIANE EVERSRegional Development
O04-06-2019QoN 2184Hon Diane EversEnvironment; Disability Services; Electoral Affairs
O04-06-2019QwN 545Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O16-05-2019QoN 2173Hon Diane EversWater
O16-05-2019QoN 2172Hon Diane EversWater
O16-05-2019QoN 2171Hon Diane EversWater
O16-05-2019QoN 2170Hon Diane EversWater
O16-05-2019QoN 2169Hon Diane EversAgriculture and Food
O16-05-2019QoN 2168Hon Diane EversHealth
O16-05-2019QoN 2166Hon Diane EversHealth
O16-05-2019QoN 2165Hon Diane EversHealth
O16-05-2019QoN 2164Hon Diane EversHealth
O16-05-2019QoN 2163Hon Diane EversForestry
O16-05-2019QoN 2162Hon Diane EversForestry
O15-05-2019QwN 506Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O15-05-2019QwN 501Hon DIANE EVERSRegional Development
O14-05-2019QwN 482Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O14-05-2019QwN 473Hon DIANE EVERSPolice
O09-05-2019QwN 449Hon DIANE EVERSWater
O08-05-2019QwN 434Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O07-05-2019QoN 2113Hon Diane EversForestry
O07-05-2019QoN 2099Hon Diane EversEnvironment; Disability Services; Electoral Affairs
O07-05-2019QoN 2097Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O07-05-2019QwN 405Hon DIANE EVERSRegional Development
O11-04-2019QoN 2095Hon Diane EversPlanning
O11-04-2019QoN 2094Hon Diane EversHousing
O11-04-2019QoN 2093Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O11-04-2019QoN 2092Hon Diane EversHealth
O11-04-2019QoN 2091Hon Diane EversHealth
O11-04-2019QwN 389Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O10-04-2019QwN 370Hon DIANE EVERSMines and Petroleum
O09-04-2019QwN 338Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O04-04-2019QoN 2069Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O04-04-2019QwN 317Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O03-04-2019QwN 303Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O02-04-2019QwN 279Hon DIANE EVERSState Development, Jobs and Trade
O21-03-2019QwN 257Hon DIANE EVERSFisheries
O21-03-2019QwN 251Hon DIANE EVERSEnergy
O20-03-2019QwN 229Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O19-03-2019QoN 2027Hon Diane EversWater; Fisheries; Forestry; Innovation and ICT; Science
O19-03-2019QoN 2026Hon Diane EversChild Protection; Women's Interests; Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence; Community Services
O19-03-2019QoN 2025Hon Diane EversHousing; Veterans Issues; Youth; Asian Engagement
O19-03-2019QoN 2024Hon Diane EversTransport; Planning
O19-03-2019QoN 2023Hon Diane EversEnergy
O19-03-2019QoN 2022Hon Diane EversMines and Petroleum; Industrial Relations
O19-03-2019QoN 2021Hon Diane EversTourism; Racing and Gaming; Small Business; Defence Issues; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests
O19-03-2019QoN 2020Hon Diane EversTreasurer; Minister for Finance; Aboriginal Affairs; Lands
O19-03-2019QoN 2019Hon Diane EversSeniors and Ageing; Volunteering; Sport and Recreation
O19-03-2019QoN 2018Hon Diane EversCommerce
O19-03-2019QoN 2017Hon Diane EversAttorney General
O19-03-2019QoN 2016Hon Diane EversLocal Government; Heritage; Culture and the Arts
O19-03-2019QoN 2015Hon Diane EversEmergency Services; Corrective Services
O19-03-2019QoN 2014Hon Diane EversRegional Development; Agriculture and Food; Ports; Minister Assisting the Minister for State Development, Jobs and Trade
O19-03-2019QoN 2013Hon Diane EversPolice; Road Safety
O19-03-2019QoN 2012Hon Diane EversEnvironment; Disability Services; Electoral Affairs
O19-03-2019QoN 2011Hon Diane EversEducation and Training
O19-03-2019QoN 2010Hon Diane EversDeputy Premier; Minister for Health; Mental Health
O19-03-2019QoN 2009Hon Diane EversState Development, Jobs and Trade
O19-03-2019QoN 2008Hon Diane EversPremier; Minister for Public Sector Management; Federal-State Relations
O19-03-2019QwN 207Hon DIANE EVERSEmergency Services
O14-03-2019QwN 176Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O13-03-2019QoN 1965Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O13-03-2019QwN 159Hon DIANE EVERSHealth
O12-03-2019QoN 1904Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O12-03-2019QoN 1903Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O12-03-2019QoN 1902Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O12-03-2019QoN 1901Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O12-03-2019QoN 1900Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O12-03-2019QoN 1899Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O12-03-2019QwN 138Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O21-02-2019QwN 115Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O20-02-2019QwN 102Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O20-02-2019QwN 91Hon DIANE EVERSLeader of the House representing the Premier
O19-02-2019QoN 1883Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O19-02-2019QoN 1882Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O19-02-2019QoN 1881Hon Diane EversForestry
O19-02-2019QwN 78Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O14-02-2019QwN 60Hon DIANE EVERSPlanning
O13-02-2019QwN 32Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O12-02-2019QwN 18Hon DIANE EVERSCommunity Services
O06-12-2018QwN 1339Hon DIANE EVERSWater
O05-12-2018QwN 1311Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O04-12-2018QwN 1299Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O29-11-2018QwN 1275Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O28-11-2018QwN 1248Hon DIANE EVERSMines and Petroleum
O27-11-2018QwN 1235Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O22-11-2018QwN 1214Hon DIANE EVERSMines and Petroleum
O22-11-2018QwN 1212Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O22-11-2018QwN 1207Hon DIANE EVERSWater
O21-11-2018QwN 1179Hon DIANE EVERSRegional Development
O20-11-2018QoN 1785Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O20-11-2018QwN 1159Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O08-11-2018QwN 1137Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O07-11-2018QwN 1108Hon DIANE EVERSMines and Petroleum
O06-11-2018QoN 1739Hon Diane EversHousing
O06-11-2018QoN 1738Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O06-11-2018QoN 1737Hon Diane EversHealth
O06-11-2018QoN 1736Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O06-11-2018QoN 1735Hon Diane EversEnvironment; Disability Services
O06-11-2018QwN 1094Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O01-11-2018QoN 1734Hon Diane EversEnvironment; Disability Services
O01-11-2018QoN 1733Hon Diane EversEnvironment; Disability Services
O01-11-2018QwN 1067Hon DIANE EVERSPlanning
O31-10-2018QwN 1053Hon DIANE EVERSPlanning
O30-10-2018QwN 1023Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O18-10-2018QwN 1011Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O17-10-2018QwN 989Hon DIANE EVERSAboriginal Affairs
O16-10-2018QwN 973Hon DIANE EVERSAgriculture and Food
O16-10-2018QwN 963Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O11-10-2018QwN 939Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O10-10-2018QwN 916Hon DIANE EVERSAgriculture and Food
O09-10-2018QwN 898Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O20-09-2018QwN 881Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O20-09-2018QwN 870Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O19-09-2018QwN 856Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O18-09-2018QwN 833Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O12-09-2018QwN 780Hon DIANE EVERSWater
O11-09-2018QwN 764Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O30-08-2018QwN 746Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O29-08-2018QwN 728Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O29-08-2018QwN 717Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O28-08-2018QwN 700Hon DIANE EVERSHealth
O23-08-2018QwN 684Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O23-08-2018QwN 672Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O22-08-2018QwN 651Hon DIANE EVERSAgriculture and Food
O21-08-2018QwN 633Hon DIANE EVERSPlanning
O16-08-2018QwN 609Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O15-08-2018QwN 582Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O28-06-2018QwN 541Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O27-06-2018QwN 525Hon DIANE EVERSEducation and Training
O26-06-2018QoN 1423Hon Diane EversForestry
O26-06-2018QwN 497Hon DIANE EVERSAgriculture and Food
O14-06-2018QwN 477Hon DIANE EVERSMines and Petroleum
O13-06-2018QoN 1411Hon Diane EversHealth
O13-06-2018QwN 458Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O12-06-2018QoN 1389Hon Diane EversWater
O12-06-2018QwN 437Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O17-05-2018QwN 410Hon DIANE EVERSEducation and Training
O16-05-2018QwN 399Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O16-05-2018QwN 393Hon DIANE EVERSMines and Petroleum
O15-05-2018QwN 371Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O10-05-2018QwN 344Hon DIANE EVERSPlanning
O09-05-2018QwN 324Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O08-05-2018QwN 304Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O12-04-2018QwN 283Hon DIANE EVERSAgriculture and Food
O11-04-2018QwN 254Hon DIANE EVERSRegional Development
O29-03-2018QwN 217Hon DIANE EVERSRegional Development
O29-03-2018QwN 203Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O28-03-2018QwN 187Hon DIANE EVERSRegional Development
O27-03-2018QoN 1079Hon Diane EversTransport
O27-03-2018QwN 158Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O22-03-2018QwN 138Hon DIANE EVERSFisheries
O21-03-2018QwN 103Hon DIANE EVERSRegional Development
O20-03-2018QwN 90Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O15-03-2018QoN 1050Hon Diane EversForestry
O15-03-2018QwN 67Hon DIANE EVERSFisheries
O14-03-2018QwN 49Hon DIANE EVERSFisheries
O14-03-2018QwN 41Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O13-03-2018QoN 640Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O13-03-2018QwN 11Hon DIANE EVERSWater
O07-12-2017QwN 990Hon DIANE EVERSState Development, Jobs and Trade
O06-12-2017QwN 956Hon DIANE EVERSFisheries
O05-12-2017QwN 937Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O30-11-2017QwN 919Hon DIANE EVERSRegional Development
O30-11-2017QwN 905Hon DIANE EVERSRegional Development
O29-11-2017QwN 882Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O28-11-2017QwN 866Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O09-11-2017QwN 839Hon DIANE EVERSAgriculture and Food
O08-11-2017QwN 826Hon DIANE EVERSLeader of the House representing the Premier
O08-11-2017QwN 815Hon DIANE EVERSminister representing the Treasurer
O07-11-2017QwN 800Hon DIANE EVERSLeader of the House representing the Premier
O07-11-2017QoN 501Hon Diane EversForestry
O07-11-2017QoN 500Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O02-11-2017QwN 782Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O02-11-2017QwN 768Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O01-11-2017QwN 745Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O01-11-2017QoN 491Hon Diane EversForestry
O01-11-2017QoN 490Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O01-11-2017QoN 488Hon Diane EversState Development, Jobs and Trade
O31-10-2017QwN 720Hon DIANE EVERSPlanning
O31-10-2017QoN 462Hon Diane EversPolice
O31-10-2017QoN 425Hon Diane EversForestry
O31-10-2017QoN 423Hon Diane EversForestry
O31-10-2017QoN 421Hon Diane EversForestry
O31-10-2017QoN 420Hon Diane EversForestry
O31-10-2017QoN 419Hon Diane EversFisheries
O31-10-2017QoN 418Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O31-10-2017QoN 417Hon Diane EversForestry
O31-10-2017QoN 410Hon Diane EversForestry
O31-10-2017QoN 409Hon Diane EversState Development, Jobs and Trade
O12-10-2017QwN 705Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O11-10-2017QwN 672Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O10-10-2017QwN 654Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O10-10-2017QoN 401Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O10-10-2017QoN 400Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O10-10-2017QoN 390Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O13-09-2017QwN 614Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O12-09-2017QwN 594Hon DIANE EVERSWater
O12-09-2017QwN 584Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O12-09-2017QoN 372Hon Diane EversForestry
O07-09-2017QwN 560Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O06-09-2017QwN 537Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O06-09-2017QoN 363Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O05-09-2017QwN 514Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O05-09-2017QoN 359Hon Diane EversForestry
O23-08-2017QwN 467Hon DIANE EVERSEnvironment
O22-08-2017QwN 444Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O22-08-2017QoN 299Hon Diane EversEnvironment
O22-08-2017QoN 298Hon Diane EversDisability Services
O22-08-2017QoN 297Hon Diane EversWater
O22-08-2017QoN 296Hon Diane EversFisheries
O22-08-2017QoN 295Hon Diane EversForestry
O22-08-2017QoN 294Hon Diane EversHousing
O22-08-2017QoN 293Hon Diane EversChild Protection
O22-08-2017QoN 292Hon Diane EversEmergency Services
O22-08-2017QoN 291Hon Diane EversCorrective Services
O22-08-2017QoN 290Hon Diane EversHealth
O22-08-2017QoN 289Hon Diane EversMental Health
O22-08-2017QoN 288Hon Diane EversEducation and Training
O22-08-2017QoN 287Hon Diane EversSport and Recreation
O22-08-2017QoN 286Hon Diane EversTourism
O22-08-2017QoN 285Hon Diane EversAttorney General
O22-08-2017QoN 284Hon Diane EversAgriculture and Food
O22-08-2017QoN 283Hon Diane EversRegional Development
O22-08-2017QoN 282Hon Diane EversTransport
O22-08-2017QoN 281Hon Diane EversPlanning
O22-08-2017QoN 280Hon Diane EversHeritage
O22-08-2017QoN 279Hon Diane EversLands
O22-08-2017QoN 278Hon Diane EversPublic Sector Management
O17-08-2017QwN 417Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O16-08-2017QwN 403Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O16-08-2017QoN 274Hon Diane EversForestry
O15-08-2017QwN 375Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O15-08-2017QoN 107Hon Diane EversForestry
O15-08-2017QoN 106Hon Diane EversForestry
O29-06-2017QoN 101Hon Diane EversForestry
O28-06-2017QwN 330Hon DIANE EVERSTourism
O28-06-2017QwN 323Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O27-06-2017QwN 301Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O27-06-2017QoN 91Hon Diane EversLands
O21-06-2017QwN 260Hon DIANE EVERSAgriculture and Food
O20-06-2017QoN 73Hon Diane EversFisheries
O15-06-2017QwN 213Hon DIANE EVERSTransport
O15-06-2017QwN 204Hon DIANE EVERSForestry
O13-06-2017QwN 155Hon DIANE EVERSLands
O24-05-2017QwN 108Hon DIANE EVERSMines and Petroleum