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Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 6129 asked in the Legislative Assembly on 20 September 2011 by Mr A.J. Waddell

Question Directed to the: Minister for Education
Minister responding: Hon Dr E. Constable
Parliament: 38 Session: 1

(1) In how many schools has Standard Operating Environment Four (SOE4) been implemented?
(2) What is the length of disruption of service experienced by each school which has had SOE4 implemented?

(3) Who determines the list of approved software that may be installed under SOE4?

(4) What is the average length of support call for IT issues experienced by SOE4 schools, and who bears the cost of support for SOE4 schools where an issue involves a site visit?

(5) How many support calls has the Information Communication Technology (ICT) branch received from SOE4 schools this year where the solution involved installing a driver or software patch that school did not have security permissions to install?

(6) What is the average length of time required to resolve an issue once a call is logged with the ICT support for a SOE4 school?

Answered on 20 October 2011

I am advised by the Department of Education as follows:

(1) The Standard Operating Environment Four (SOE4) has been implemented in 115schools.

(2) Dependent on school size, a three to four week implementation period is required.However, core school business services are restored within four working days.

(3) The Department of Education determines software for security, anti-virus protection and core administration purposes.Schools determine which software to use for particular purposes in individual schools.

(4) The Department is unable to determine the length of support calls specific to SOE4.The costs for visits to schools to rectify ICT supported issues are met by Central Office.

(5) The Department cannot measure the number of support calls based specifically on drivers or software patches.The ICT Directorate manages all driver and software patches for all centrally-managed services.School-based staff are supplied with software tools and have the appropriate security permissions to install drivers and software patches for school-specific, locally-installed infrastructure and software.

(6) For the period from July 2010 to September 2011 the average length of time to resolve issues for SOE4 were:

54 per cent of issues were resolved at the first point of contact;

a further 15 per cent of issues were resolved within one working day;

a further 17 per cent of issues were resolved within five working days; and

a further 14 per cent of issues took more than five working days.
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