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Minister Representing:Minister for Question No:260
Portfolio:Consumer and Employment Protection; Indigenous Affairs; Minister Assisting the Minister for Water Resources Question Date:08/16/2005
Year:2005Answer Date:10/11/2005
Parliament:37Question Type:Question On Notice
Session Number:1Asked By:Mr P.D. Omodei
Chamber:AssemblyTabled Paper No:

Question & Answer:

Will the Minister provide the following for each Department and Agency under the Minister’s control, including the Ministerial office -

Department of Consumer & Employment Protection/Worksafe

(a) The Department of Consumer and Employment Protection (DOCEP) spent a total of $794,623.14. The Real Estate and Business Agents Supervisory Board (REBA) and the Settlement Agents Supervisory Board (SASB) total spent is $1,128,678.88. The combined total spent is $1,923,302.02 from 1 July 2003 until 30 June 2005.

(b)-(d) See Tabled Paper No:

Department of Indigenous Affairs

(a) $45,305.86

(b) State Solicitor's Office
Hager & Partners
Department of Housing and Works
Lawton Gillon
Mallesons Stephen Jacques

(c) State Solicitor's Office - $4,680.73
Hager & Partners - $985.40
Department of Housing and Works - $271.00
Lawton Gillon - $34,350.48
Mallesons Stephen Jacques - $5,018.25

(d) Property Lease Advice - $4,977.90 (State Solicitor's Office, Hager & Partners, Department of Housing and Works)
Advice regarding employment issues - $614 (State Solicitor's Office)
Representation at coronial inquiry - $345.23 (State Solicitor's Office)
Advice regarding copyright - $5,018.25 (Mallesons Stephen Jacques)
Hope Downs Railway - $34,350.48 (Lawton Gillon)

Construction Industry Long Service Leave Payments Board

(a) $33,725 up to 30 June 2005

(b)(c) Jackson McDonald Solicitors are the only providers.

(d) Legal advice concerning the Construction Industry Long Service Leave Scheme.

Hairdressers Registration Board

(a) $7968

(b) Anna Bertone

(c) $7968

(d) Legal Advice and prosecution of hairdressers in breach of the legislation.

Builders Registration Board

Painters' Registration Board -- Nil

Builders' Registration Board of WA

(a) $8700

(b) Michael Corboy, and Andrew Stavrianou.

(c) Corboy $2200 and Stavrianou $ 6500.

(d) Corboy Appeal brief, Stavrianou Legal opinions -- 2.

Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission

(a) $48,882.75 (of which $46,615.75 was free of charge).

(b) Crown Solicitors Office.

Deacons Lawyers.

Minter Ellison.

Department of Housing and Works.

(c) Crown Solicitors Office - $46,615.75 (Received free of charge).

Deacons Lawyers -- $829.00

Minter Ellison -- $426.00

Department of Housing and Works - $1,012.00

(d) Industrial Relations Advice -- $44,028.25 (Received free of charge -- Crown Solicitors Office).

Termination Salary Advice -- $2,587.50 (Received free of charge -- Crown Solicitors Office).

Property Lease Advice -- $2,267.00 (Dept of Housing and Works, Deacons Lawyers, Minter Ellison).


(a) Nil.
(b) State Solicitor's Office.
(c) Nil.
(d) N/A.

Department of Environment including the Water and Rivers Commission, Swan River Trust and the Keep Australia Beautiful Council


Department of Environment$77,677.43
Water and Rivers Commission$1,529,679.35
Swan River Trust$4,317.50


Department of Environment
State Solicitors Office$51,694.15
Minter Ellison Lawyers$25,983.28
Water and Rivers Commission
State Solicitors Office$1,514,153.64
Minter Ellison Lawyers$7,001.10
Alex Gardner Solicitor$1,600.00
Swan River Trust
State Solicitors Office$4,317.50

(c) Detailed in question (b) above.

(d) The State Solicitor provides opinions, litigation and prosecution services and commercial advice. Core services are not charged to the Department of Environment or the Swan River Trust whereas the Water and Rivers Commission is charged for most if not all of the services it uses.

Busselton Water Board

(a) $2360

(b)(i)Shaddicks Busselton.

(ii) Damien Brennan and Associates.

(c)(i)$2160 to Shaddicks Busselton.

(ii) $200 to Daimen Brennan and Associates.

(d)(i) Contract Liability.

(ii) Compilation of Correspondence.

Water Corporation

(a) $5,341,723

(b) Freehills

Phillips Fox Lawyers

Corrs Chambers Westgarth

Blake Dawson Waldron

Blakiston and Crabb

Sardarov Richards

Wojtowicz Kelly

Talbot and Olivier

Western Australian Bar Association

State Solicitor's Office

(b)-(c) This information is subject to legal professional privilege.

AQWEST (Bunbury) Water Board

(a) $51,944

(b) Edwin Abdo and Associates & Slee Anderson and Pidgeon

(c) Edwin Abdo and Associates = $5,810

Slee Anderson and Pidgeon = $46,134

(d) Legal advice in relation to - deed of indemnity, leases, contracts, policies, legal action in respect to failed reservoir liner.

Ministerial Office

(a) Nil.
(b) N/A.
(c) Nil.
(d) N/A.