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Petitions Tabled in the Legislative Council

The following petitions have been tabled in the Legislative Council.

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19-May1289Native logging ban — Requests the Legislative Council to oppose the ban on native logging (361 signatures)Hon Steve Martin
11-May1264Jurien Bay Marina Fish Kill — Requests the Legislative Council to make recommendations to the State Government (234 signatures)Hon Sandra Carr
10-May1248Transparent health advice and modelling informing ‘state of emergency’ declarations — Requests the Legislative Council to inquire (8318 signatures)Hon Nick Goiran
10-May1249Minimum penalties for animal abuse under the Animal Welfare Act 2002 — Requests the Legislative Council to support a review of the Animal Welfare Act 2002 (695 signatures)Hon Dr Brad Pettitt
07-Apr1217Management of the Manning Park section of Beeliar Regional Park — Requests the Legislative Council to review (2525 signatures)Hon Stephen Pratt
06-Apr1207Crime and anti-social behaviour across the Kimberley — Requests the Government to investigate (558 signatures)Hon Neil Thomson
24-Mar1174Regional Electricity Network — Requests the Legislative Council to support a full and independent inquiry (47 signatures)Hon Martin Aldridge
23-Mar1160Face Coverings for Young Children — Requests the Legislative Council to ask the Government of Western Australia to revoke the directive (189 signatures)Hon Dr Brian Walker
17-Mar1136Electricity Network in Regional WA — Requests the Legislative Council to support an inquiry (2116 signatures)Hon Martin Aldridge
24-Feb1084Flood mitigation at Carnarvon — Requests the Minister for Regional Development or the Minister for Water to implement an urgent independent engineering and flood modelling assessment (70 signatures)Hon Neil Thomson
23-Feb1080Protecting the South West Black Cockatoo — Requests the Legislative Council to recommend that the Government initiate an immediate moratorium on the clearing of habitat and investigate (1071 signatures)Hon Stephen Pratt
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