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Committee House


Visions for Parliament House: 1900-2004 & Beyond

Stage 1 - Harvest Terrace Wing and Chambers 


Harvest Terrace Wing

The first stage of the construction of Parliament House – a frontage to Harvest Terrace, the two chambers and a small number of temporary offices, was undertaken between 1902 and 1904. At the time the instructions to the architects were to limit the construction to no more than $25,000 of the anticipated $100,000 total cost. The eventual cost of the first stage was $35,623.

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The building in this photo was centrally located in the courtyard behind the Western Wing of Parliament House. It was occupied by the Hansard department until demolition in 1961 to make way for the existing Members’ and Visitors’ Bars.

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Stage 2 - City Facade Proposal


Designed for the City Facade of the New Parliament House.

Premier John Forrest moved that a Joint Committee consisting of 3 Members from the Legislative Council and 3 Members from the Legislative Assembly be appointed to advise the Government on the erection of a new Parliament House.

Seventeen designers responded to an advertisement giving a construction budget of $100,000.

The Chief Government Architect for NSW, W.L. Vernon, was appointed to select the best design. All the submitted designs were over budget. A request was sent to the Public Works Department to prepare fresh plans under Mr Grainger, the Chief Architect. His design was accepted.

The original intention was to complete the building by 1907 with an eastern frontage overlooking Perth city, however this was not realised until 1964.

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